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How Dooner Creates an Insane Amount of Content for Freightwaves

November 17, 2022 Blythe Brumleve
Everything is Logistics by Digital Dispatch
How Dooner Creates an Insane Amount of Content for Freightwaves
Show Notes

In today’s episode, we’re focusing on content and how it’s been used in the freight industry to sell a variety of products and services. For years, content felt like an afterthought and not the primary communication it is today therefore the perfect guest to speak on this evolution is none other than Tim Dooner, host and producer of WHAT THE TRUCK?!?

Episode Timestamps:

01:01 – Seeing The Opportunity Evolve into Creating Content

05:08 – Freightwaves Above Other Competitors' Current Media Space

07:53 – A Way That A Guest Can Standout

10:15 – Back The Truck Up

13:27 – Biggest Mistake For Marketers

14:17 – Doing Content By Yourself

17:41 – Balancing Conversation 

21:31 - A Dream Interview 

23:36 - Getting Bandwidth Back  To Have A Great Show

26:39 - Another Part of Contents To Dive In

29:16 – Revamping Strategy

32:50 - Utilizing TikTok

37:10 – Advice For Sharing Your Voice

45:13 - Preparing For Upcoming  Event 


“Nothing's overnight; everything is a grind. And that's the first thing anyone should know before you get into creating content, this is a grind, and it can be very unrewarding. And often, you have to push yourself through it and get there.”

“Podcasting is very intimate. I take my podcasts with me to the grocery store, and I take them to the gym or in the shower. It's a much different medium.”

“It's easier for many folks to start with a partner, and we can bounce those ideas off and find a good group. I don't know that I ever would have started making content online if I didn't have a co-host.”

Links and Resources:

If you want to check out Back The Truck Up, visit: https://backthetruckup.com/

Click the follow button to watch episodes of  WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Podcast.

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